Is A Cheap Party Bus Worth The Savings?

There is no better way to have a good time than to rent a party bus for your next night out. Most people realize though that party buses can be a bit costly. While the cost is well worth it, some party goers think that it is best to cut corners and to rent a cheap party bus. Splurging ones savings on a cheap party bus may not be the best idea. Generally, it is best to save up for that one special experience rather than to give up early and rent a cheaper option. Below are the reasons why you might want to wait and invest right.

Fewer Amenities

One of the main points of choosing a party bus for your next experience on the town is that you’re expecting some great amenities to come with the party bus. Yet, what most don’t realize is that cheaper options don’t provide the amenities you are looking for. For instance, the televisions might be low quality, there may be no bar, no disco ball, and no dancing poles on the bus. This greatly detracted from the entire concept of the party bus, which is to have a good time and to make the night as wonderful as possible.

No Quality


It’s unfortunate, but to get quality, you need to be willing to spend a bit more. Splurging all of your savings on a cheap party bus means that you’re going to get lower quality for what you are paying for. The customer service may not be up to par, the driver may be less friendly, and the company may not be willing to go the extra step to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. Therefore, it is best to save so that you can get the quality that you deserve.

Not a Very Good Time

Overall, choosing to spend your hard earned saving on a party bus is a big decision. Since you’re going to spend, you might as well ensure that the best situation is going to come out of your investment. Instead of getting a lower quality bus, it is always a better idea to save a bit more so you can invest more for a truly great time. Not only will you have a better time, but those that you enjoy your party bus with will also appreciate the extra mile.

Best Way To Barhop In Chicago Party Limos

Chicago is a city for the fun lovers and one who loves fun, music, food, and drinks, is the perfect party animal, fit for the city, and its lively bars and clubs. The city has a lot to offer to the enthusiasts. But time is short, and party lovers and bar hoppers would love to explore the whole city a dozen times through the night, to extract the fun from each and every moment. Hence, the need for quick transportation through the city while enjoying the night life is at its peak in the fun filled city of Chicago. The best way that would help one delve into the fun by exiting pone bar and entering another while staying in the mood for the party is by travelling the bar in a limo.

Chicago party limos are one of the best partners in a party filled night, and are the perfect carriers for barhoppers in the city. The reason is simply because of the grand luxurious experience you get with the car, which lets you stay in the mood for the party while you are outside a bar, and in transit to another club.

Partying on the go


Most people think of party at home or on various places which are stagnant, but when you get to enjoy the party on the go you will definitely relish it. And one can avail this all this facility when you book a party van or bus on the special occasion to enjoy with friends or family.

The inside of the party van there are innovative designs or lights and floors which will mesmerize your eyes when you first enter the van. All the amenities of a party right from a well designed couch to a proper music system will be there in the party van or the bus.

A perfect party continuation

The Chicago party limos offer a perfect platform for the in-transit partying, while you keep on hopping one bar to another through the city and through the night. You will never miss the fun, miss your gang of friends and pals, and never miss the mood for party. The energetic sound system, psychedelic lighting, disco ambience, all are just perfect to keep you in the mood for party though your travel, and you can always enter your next bar and destination with the same frolic filled party mood.

To sum up

The urge of partying can’t be limited under any circumstances, but for partying one will have to have a good budget. That budget often crosses the limit of much middle class family. So, for all the partying needs they depend mostly on the limousine party vans or buses, which provides them with all the modern party needs, in an affordable budget.

And for a normal middle class person it is also not affordable to buy a limousine personally, and for that they can always depend on the limo services which are available online. Hiring affordable limos can actually add lots of fun to your night life, while you keep on partying through your night bar hopping.

New Luxury Choice: Infinity QX56 Limos

A limo by itself means a luxury sedan which is culturally associated with power and wealth, and is commonly cited as most expensive form of automobile ground transportation. Infinity QX56 Limos is an elegant choice for the travelers to have a perfect ride from airport to any other destination of your interest. If you are in search of the most unique and elegant SUV limousine around then this model is a perfect choice with brand new Infiniti stretch. In order to boast a multitude of elegant experience and a rich ride of your lifetime, this limousine always deserves the first preference.

Features of Infinity QX56 Limos

  • Traditionally these limousines come in black or white color with an extended wheelbase.
  • Driven by a chauffeur having a partition between the passenger compartment and driver’s cabin.
  • Impeccable and ultramodern interiors to meet every expectation of yours.
  • A mini bar or large beverage cooler bin can be stocked for your enjoyment.
  • Offers a maximum of 18- 20 passenger capacity spacious cabin.
  • Frame rail comes with an extension made of HSLA steel.
  • 7 doors or one jet door framed with ballistic steels composed with lightweight materials.
  • Engineered by moon-lite design to be a top quality super stretch.

Another name for Luxury

Incorporating the most modern convenient features and sought-after best fleet of luxury, assures to exceed your transportation desires. Whether it is for 8 or 18 passengers, this exclusive limousine always come in well maintained and freshly polished pattern to make the perfect impression for any occasion. These limousines could also be customized with funky features which includes Sleek single window, Disco floor and Ceiling mood lightning, LCD TV’s, Sub woofer with audio systems, fiber optic lightning bar with floor and halo. This makes your party time even more enjoyable and completely elegant in its own way.

This largest premium SUV with all amenities provides best luxury transportation with pleasure and class. With a warm, elegant and inviting interior colors they offer sumptuous comfort and quality and are built meticulously, delivering ultimate satisfaction to you. It is a great option for a smaller group excursion to any destination or any occasions like weddings, proms, bachelor party and spinster parties. To enhance more elegance the interiors can be adorned with imported leather like Ostrich leather or any other kind.

To simply enjoy a night out in complete style, you can choose these best saloon cars. The fiber optic lighting system can be installed in the ceiling, floor with dual bars and marbled bar tops, crystal champagne flutes and glassware as well as color changing mood lighting can be built inside. When you ride in this limousine you can experience extra class, luxury and style to the party the way you desire.

So now invite your friends and party in style, with the new Infinity QX56 limos, which define lavishness and are another name for luxury. These vehicles are now only afforded by high class people, but are even available for rent. So book one today and ride in style.

Want A Chicago Birthday Party To Remember? Hire A Party Bus!

Want to celebrate your birthday in a grand manner? Celebrate this special day with a royal feeling in a party bus. A party bus will be the perfect choice to celebrate a Chicago birthday party with family or with the special friends. To make the day special and memorable, celebrate the day in a party bus, your friends will feel special to get a party like this. The parents also can arrange birth day parties for their kids and their little friends in a party bus. The kids will be amazed by receiving a party like this from you.

What is a party bus?


Party bus is a very lavish car, used for royal purpose. But now this very car is very much available in the market. You can hire a party bus to celebrate parties and to go for joining a party or concert. The inner atmosphere of the car is heavenly. All the arrangements are ready there to enjoy a party. It is like a lounge, the space is enough for a little dance, and music is also available there. You can drink there with all the comfort with your friends. The car offers you all the comforts in a lavish atmosphere.

Long drive party in party bus

You can plan a long drive journey with your close friends on your birth day. And a party bus is the perfect one to provide you a safe and comfortable journey with an attractive party. This bus provides you a perfect atmosphere to enjoy a party there. All the facilities are available for you. And you will get a totally secured privacy there to enjoy the party as you like.

Get a safe journey

The party buses are very much safe. The chauffeur of those cars are very much professional and experienced, they provide the safest journey. The cars are regularly serviced, and the authorized and professionals test the cars before starting journey. All the party buses are certified to offer you the most secure journey.

Surprise your kids

Surprise your kids on their birthdays in party bus. To enjoy a Chicago birthday party with kids, this transport is the perfect choice. The kids also will be glad to get such parties from you. If you plan to take your children to some places you can take them to some parks or zoos or to some other entertaining places. The party buses should be the only choice for this journey. The journey will be entertaining, comfortable and royal too.

To make your birthday a special day you can hire a party bus. It can afford 40 to 44 people, the space of the party bus is enough to enjoy together. You can celebrate your birthday party there with your special friends in full privacy. All the party accessories are available there, you will get proper and timely service. Music, video, drinks all are available there to make your day special. Several companies are offering excellent limousine service at perfect and affordable rate. Just to make your birthday special, hire this grand and lavish car.


Celebrate Graduation On A party Bus

Every student knows how important a graduation day is, as it is the day when you accomplish your journey and when you are going to receive rewards for your hard work with a degree. This is surely a milestone for every student, and this is will be remembered not just by the student but also by the parents. Students of Chicago can now celebrate their graduation day with their friends and family at the respective venues by enjoying and partying hard in a graduation party bus.

Unforgettable graduation experience

It doesn’t matter whether you will be graduating from a university or a high school, the joy and emotions will be overwhelming. This special moment has to be planned and turned perfect, and then you can make most along with your friends and family on this awesome day. You can now leave an everlasting impression by arriving in a luxurious party bus at the grand graduation event of your college and at the reception party as well. Do you know what a party bus can offer you? Or what all you can do in a party bus? To gain more information about the party bus in Chicago you will have to continue reading this article.

What you can do in a party bus?


People usually hire a party bus on occasions like birthdays, weddings, and such events, but a party bus on a graduation ceremony is not just a unique thing but will also turn many heads when you arrive at the occasion. You can either hire a simple party bus which just has music for you, or a party bus with additional services like led lightings, dance area, music system, decoration items, TV, relaxing seats, and any other comfort which you like to include. However, you need to understand that the charges increase with more services.

There are many party bus rental companies in Chicago to help you in celebrating the beginning of you all new life by organizing a graduation party bus which will take you to the venue in a stylish and safe manner. Make sure to choose a company which has experience of several years, this will make your work easy and will make your graduation day truly exceptional. You can easily accommodate all your friends and close relatives in a party bus and let everyone experience the joy of your graduation and luxury of the party bus.

Points to consider for a party bus

  1. How many guests: You need to first decide on the seating capacity of the party bus, and then choose a bus. It can be 10 seat bus, or 20 or 30 seat bus.
  2. Plan the route: If you have planned for a party bus, then the route to the graduation ceremony should also be such that everyone can enjoy. You can even stop at any hot spots where you can enjoy with your other friends.
  3. Budget: This is an important point, know your budget, compare the prices with various companies and then book a right party bus.

So, now that you have known all the points of hiring a party bus for graduation, book one for yourself.